Fill Your House with Healthy Fragrance

Written by : Madeleine Feddock – 10/5/2017


We tend to worry extensively about what we smell like going out of the house… what are people going to think about us? But why don’t we worry as much about what our home smells like when we get back? Maybe we don’t entertain guests or family members often, but the scent of our homes, even if we can’t recognize it anymore, influences our mood more than you can imagine!


And it’s easy! I know, right? Keeping our homes fresh and clean in the air as well as on the ground may seem like a daunting task, especially with little fingerprints on everything and sometimes a little too much commotion, but it’s actually a cinch! Let’s get down to it:


1. Get a Diffuser!


There are so many cheap and easy diffusers these days, and it can make such a difference so quickly. Sites like Amazon have awesome styles, and for very economical prices!

A) Why a diffuser? Well, even though Bath & Body Works candles seem to own the seasons, there are things about candles that really don’t hold up to a simple cold-diffuser. Open Flame makes it hard to leave the house, make sure you don’t leave them lit! When the wax and oil is burned, sure it gives off a good smell, but that’s it. Diffusers can harness the wellness and health effects of essential oils,making your home healthier at the same time! This leads me to the next point.


B) We also tried the hot-wax warmers in our home for a while, but it only took a few spills of that thousand-degree wax (not to mention the cleaning ordeal) to realize that it was time for a change… we noticed that we worried so much less about kids around the house when there wasn’t a flame or hot wax to hurt their little hands!

    2. Essential Oils

      essential oils

      One of the best ways to make your home a tiny oasis is to get some oils. Now it seems like everyone has that friend who sells essential oils, but it doesn’t matter too much where you get them from, as long as you can get them and for an economical price! (If you are looking for free shipping to ease the financial burden, My Oil Wellness is a great place to start!)



      A) Well how do you decide? There are so many options out there, but one of the best ways is to find a good recipe you like, that fits your mood-goal, and go for it! They usually only take a few oils and the bottles last forever so that gives you quite the bang for your buck!

      B) Look for the Benefits – Essential Oils, in my humble opinion, vastly outrank candles because of the health benefits they give. Make sure this is top of mind when you are shopping around!

      C) Pro Tip – Look for recipes and scents that mimic your favorite sells of the season, and that way you can have the fun of the seasons and get the health benefits the oils give you! (Wild Orange + Cinnamon Bark is a personal fall-favorite!)

        Have Fun! It’s always enjoyable to experiment with different options, keeping it new and exciting will also help keep the mood fun and light in the house!


          If you have any questions about diffusers, how to use them, what oils to try out first, or really anything, contact me though my website! I would be so happy to chat!


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