Do you know, even your favorite scent can change or disappear with time?

Perfume is delicate and it can fade away. One of the most common questions people ask while buying perfume is "How long until a perfume expire"? The oils and alcohols in perfumes break down if they are not stored perfectly. But, you need not worry because you can extend the shelf life of your scent by storing it in the right way. Let us tell you how:

  • Keep perfume in the right storage containers, especially the cool ones.
  • Choose a darker place because direct sunlight can harm perfumes.
  • Don't leave the fragrance cap off, keep the cap on the bottle to block the perfume from fading away.
  • Keep perfume away from humidity.
  • Don't shake your perfume bottles.
  • If you travel a lot and you love taking your scent with you, travel containers can help or buy small sized perfumes.
  • Try avoiding transfer perfume to another bottle.
  • Use frosted or fully opaque bottles as they can prevent the scent from light.
  • Clean the applicator wand or a roll-on on regular basis.
  • Don’t store perfumes in the bathroom because humidity can break down the perfume.
  • Don't store fragile bottles on high shelves.

Miss Talkaholic