We all adore the style, class of the British royal family and we often dream of living their lifestyle even once. Though we might never be able to afford their luxurious life, their favorite fragrance is a more affordable way to feel like a true princess.

Today, we are telling you the fragrances that these British queens wore on their wedding day.

Queen Elizabeth II
Though the fragrance her majesty wore on her when marrying Prince Philip in 1947 is still unknown, but experts speculate that it must be the same as her favorite flower: White Rose. The perfume has a musky, powdery base, with notes of rose, jasmine, and carnation.

Princess Diana
Diana Spencer got married to Prince Charles in 1981. She wore Quelques Fleurs L’Original by Houbigant, which the French company describes as a sensual scent with notes of jasmine, tuberose, lily of the valley, and sandalwood. Do you know, Princess Diana unexpectedly dropped perfume down her dress when trying to dab it onto her wrists before her ceremony. She hides the stain by holding the dress so it looked like she was keeping it off the ground.

Kate Middleton
Clarence House (the official residence of Prince William and Princess Kate) stated that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wore a little-known scent for her wedding day in the year 2011. Kate’s perfume, White Gardenia Petals, was ultra feminine with notes of white gardenia, muguet, and jasmine, with amber tones as its base from the brand, Illuminum.

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